Suki• An Adoptable Animal from Rainbow Heart Rescue

Hi, my name is Suki

Suki is an 8 year old female spayed Persian.  She was an owner surrender, just wasn’t the right fit for their family.  She recently had a dental and had 8 teeth extracted due to tooth resorption.  She is doing fantastic now.  She is fairly shy at first, but is warming up slowly.  She loves to greet you by rubbing on your leg. She has a great RBF.  Suki does not like to be brushed, but does like pets.  She is independent and would prefer to be an only child but will tolerate other animals so long as they don’t pester her.

If you you think you are the right fit for Suki please apply below.



Height and Weight

9 pounds

Coat Length


Energy Level

8 year

Health and/or Medical Needs

Up to date on vaccines

Recommended Home Environment

9 pounds

Adoption Fee


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