Raquel• An Adoptable Animal from Rainbow Heart Rescue

Hi, my RHR name was Raquel

Raquel was a very hard puppy to take in for us. As most of you know we lost our Eggy B last year to having seizures, so when we read about a tiny puppy that was having them we had to make sure all of our hearts were prepared for taking on this kind of case. Raquel screamed her first few nights with us, she was so out of control, terrified, so little, and didn’t know what was happening. She had a very big seizure at home and Patty and Gerty had to bring her into the clinic where she was treated with anti seizure medication, she then spent the night at the ER. Raquel’s beginnings were rough. We took her in and sought advice from all of our herding breed lovers. We realized quick we needed to change our language and handling skills to meet her Aussie needs. Patty and Gerty worked with her day and night. They taught her how to sit, lay down, touch, and stay. She was with us for two months. She wormed her way into our hearts, gave us all great hugs and kisses, and made us laugh.
Today is a very special day for Raquel. She had to wait two extra weeks for her new dad to get his first ever apartment. He also has a job that he can take her to work with him. He wanted a dog that would be his adventure buddy, his best friend, a dog he could call Lucy. Raquel and her new dad had an instant connection. They both knew they needed each other. Congratulations to both of them. We can’t wait to see what adventures this little Aussie girl will go on.