Partnering to Improve the Lives of our Animals

Guardian Veterinary Care

Guardian Veterinary Care is more than a business to its team. It is a mission. They understand that pets and their owners share a love story. Protecting that love is sacred to them. At Guardian Veterinary Care animals have access to a transformative level of veterinary care.

The Filling Station Pet Supplies

The Filling Station Pet Supplies is an independent, owner-run company that offers the finest products with the convenience of unexpected service. They believe that your pet’s health, happiness, and longevity are directly related to your health, your happiness, your longevity.

Sellwood Pet Supply

Sellwood Pet Supply is located in the Sellwood neighborhood of Portland, Oregon, where they offer products and guidance to pet owners in the community. They are there to provide your dogs, cats, and smaller animals with quality food, apparel, beds, toys, treats, and fun!