Lil “The twins” is pending adoption• An Adoptable Animal from Rainbow Heart Rescue

Hi, my name is Lil “The twins” is pending adoption

Lil was born on 9/18/2023.  He is a Persian kitten.  He was a breeder surrender due to not thriving.  He was very sick when he came into rescue and malnourished.  He has a ruptured corneal ulcer that is being treated with eye medication and antibiotics.   He is a very sweet kitten.  If you think you are the perfect fit for Lil please apply below.  He won’t be ready to go to his forever home for a bit.  He still needs to put on some weight, get stronger, and get neutered.  We would love to keep the twins together if possible.



Height and Weight


Coat Length


Energy Level

low key, sweet


5 weeks

Health and/or Medical Needs

no vaccines yet

Recommended Home Environment


Adoption Fee


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