Phil and Lil are adopted!• An Adoptable Animal from Rainbow Heart Rescue

Hi, my RHR name was Phil and Lil are adopted!

It started with two rescues coming together, a daisy chain of selfless volunteers, an amazing veterinarian team, sleepless nights, charts, and tender loving care to get these two babies healthy enough to go to their forever family. Phil and Lil were two and a half weeks old and very malnourished when they arrived. We fed them every 90 minutes without fail. They both had eye ulcerations, which has left Phil with only one eye. And what we thought were brothers were actually brother and sister. We had our fingers crossed that someone would want to adopt them together. Our wish came true. Huge congratulations to Phil and Lil’s new mom and dad. They are joining two other cats, dogs, chickens and I believe ducks. Their new mom works from home and can’t wait to watch them grow. We put the kittens in the arms of their new mom and dad and they both melted into them. It was meant to be. We are posting their first day here and last day here pics. Phil is on the left and Lil is on the right. People ask us how we do it, how do we let these babies go when we have raised them as if they were our own, the smiles on their new families faces and hearts is why. Guardian Veterinary Care Panda Paws Rescue