Royal• An Adoptable Animal from Rainbow Heart Rescue

Hi, my name is Royal

Say hello to our newest rescue baby. Royal! She is a gorgeous little Rat Terrier with tons of adorable personality and spunk! When she was just a wee tot, her little skull got fractured accidentally by mama when she jumped into the welping box. The vet team was quickly able to assess her and remove almost 7 cc’s of blood off of the area between her skull and the skin where her fracture is in the front of her skull. She seems to be healing ok, but she is left blind from this traumatic moment. We will assess her more of course, and we are prepared for any and all surprises considering this is a newer TBI. The ultimate plan is to get her spayed, learn what the most ideal home would be for her and soon find her happily-ever-after that will love her unconditionally just the way she is!
Rainbow Heart Rescue will be fostering her and Panda Paws Rescue is responsible for all of her care, costs and adoption!

Rat Terrier

Height and Weight
Coat Length


Energy Level

Playful, happy, silly puppy


3 months

Health and/or Medical Needs

Up to date on vaccines

Recommended Home Environment
Adoption Fee


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