Royal is adopted!!!• An Adoptable Animal from Rainbow Heart Rescue

Hi, my RHR name was Royal is adopted!!!

We have been working with the breeder on this case since January. This sweet little kangaroo was injured at 3 weeks old, her little noggin was crushed by her mom, she had 6cc’s of blood drained from her skull. She was deaf, blind and couldn’t walk for a week. Little by little this little warrior princess regained her strength, her hearing and partial vision. We had to wait until she was old enough to travel to get her in our care. Royal is a very special baby girl. She has limited vision and is a little slower with her development so we knew it would take a while to find a family to embrace her quirkiness. Along came this mother daughter duo that fell in love with her. When they came to do a meet and greet they were thoroughly entertained by her zoomies, kangaroo hops, and endless energy. As you can see, Royal is already snug as a bug in her new home. Congratulations!! Thank you Rainbow Heart Rescue for fostering her.