Ginger Snap is adopted!!• An Adoptable Animal from Rainbow Heart Rescue

Hi, my RHR name was Ginger Snap is adopted!!

Congratulations to this little firecracker, hilarious little habanero, Ginger Snap! She came into rescue with suspected neurological issues with a pretty intense head tilt. After fully vetting her she was diagnosed with a deep, severe inner ear infection but after time, TLC and medications she has made a fully recovery and is 100% HEALTHY! In the meantime, she has been spayed, had a full dental and now, she is officially ADOPTED! Her big brother, Gnocchi, is also a smooshy face and will be delighted to have a fellow flat face friend to keep up the shenanigans with! Sadly, her new family lost their other Persians last year unexpectedly at only one year of age. Gnocchi is only 1.5 years old so both he and Ginger are going to be in kitten heaven playing all day, entertaining their humans endlessly! One more success story all because we combined forces and said “yes”!